About LCMS

Dutch nation-wide crisis management system LCMS

LCMS is a nation-wide crisis management system used in The Netherlands to maintain and share a common operational picture supporting large-scale crisis management collaboration. LCMS is used by all 25 safety regions, the majority of the waterboards, Rijkswaterstaat , an increasing number of emergency health care organisations, the Royal Military Police organisation and some drinking water providers. LCMS supports netcentric collaboration, which is a way of working in which clear agreements are made about sharing information so that decision-making under (crisis) circumstances is always based on an up-to-date, consistent and common operational picture. LCMS is a web based collaboration environment with a very high level of availability. The environment can be used to share information within an organisation as well as between organisations. It supports maintaining and sharing geographical as well as textual pictures. An overview of the technical set-up of one instance of the LCMS system (e.g., the LCMS system for the waterboards) is depicted below.